Evan Anderson

CCGS Chair, CCGS Member

Evan is involved in a collaboration of CCGS and Boynton Health to design and develop the CCGS survey for evaluating the health of graduate students in the Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota. He has assisted in the initiative to modify and distribute a previous survey in 2016. Evan helped with initiating and organizing CCGS weekly coffee hours (Fall 2015–present), and assisted in organizing two new CCGS activities/events, the “How to Succeed in Graduate School” panel discussions (Fall 2015–present) and the CCGS video clips and YouTube Channel on surviving and thriving in higher education where faculty members and scientists from industry are invited to share their tips and suggestions with graduate students/postdocs for a developing a more successful career. Evan is also the current chair of CCGS (Fall 2016-present).

Email: ande9386@umn.edu